Original Music for accordion:

“Concetto di aura II” by M. Azzan (10’) world premiere

“Bossa Nova” by F. Bedrossian (7’) Finnish premiere

“Sequenza XIII: chanson” by L. Berio (10’)

“Infant, potentially” by S. Caneva (6’-9’) world premiere

“3 pezzi dal Klavieralbum” by G. Coral (7’) world premiere

“Passacaille” by G. Grisey (5’)

“De Profundis” by S. Gubaidulina (11’)

“Auf flügel der Harfe” by N. A. Huber (14’)

“Alone” by E. Jokinen (7’)

“Sonata no.2” by A. Kusjakow (13’)

“Winter Sketches” by A. Kusjakow (13’)

“Jeux d’anches” by M. Lindberg (8’)

“Tears” by B. Lorentzen (8’)

“Early and late clarities” by P. Machajdik (8’) world premiere

“Flight beyond the time” by P. Makkonen (5’)

"Tango-Toccata" by P. Makkonen (5')

“Acrylic mixtures II” by L. Manfrin (10’)

“Chrono 8’20’’” by B. Mantovani (9’)

“Flora’s Game” by A. Piazzolla (8’)

“Snefru” (with electronics) by A. Posadas (9’)

"La costellazione del soffione I" by C. Rojac (9') world premiere

“…of waters making moan” by R. Saunders (20’) Austrian premiere

“Vagabonde blu” by S. Sciarrino (9’)

“Lamento metodico” by M. Smolka (12’)

“Trittico” by A. Solbiati (10’)

“Looking on darkness” by B. Sørensen (10’)

“Holograma” by S. Ulubeanu (7’) world premiere

“Angel” by J. ter Veldhuis (12’)

“Sonata n.2: Slavjanskaja” by V. Zubitsky (23’)

“Omaggio ad Astor Piazzolla” by V. Zubitsky (5’)




“Prelude and Fugue in f minor BWV 881 WTK II” by J. S. Bach (4’)

“Toccata in G Major BWV 916” by J. S. Bach (10’)

“French Suite n. 5 in G major BWV 816” by J. S. Bach (20’)

“Partita n. 2 in c-minor BWV 826” by J. S. Bach (18’)

“Goldberg Variations BWV 988” by J. S. Bach (50’)

"Holberg Suite" by E. Grieg (arr. J. Faukstad) (18')

“Sonata in G Major Hob. XVI: 39” by F. J. Haydn (16’)

"Sonata in E flat Major Hob. XVI: 52" by F. J. Haydn (18')

“Gnomenreigen” by F. Liszt (3’)

“Preludium in si-minore” by F. Mendelssohn (3’)

"Gavotte et six doubles" by J.-P. Rameau (8')

“Sonata (Pastorale) in do-maggiore K. 513” by D. Scarlatti (6’)

“Sonata in do-minore K. 129” by D. Scarlatti (4’)

“Sonata in sol-maggiore K. 284” by D. Scarlatti (3’)

“Sonata in si-maggiore K. 245” by D. Scarlatti (4’)

“Aria secunda” by J. Pachelbel (6’)

“Asturias” by I. Albeniz (5’)

“Dream” by J. Cage (7’)


Accordion solo and orchestra:


“OrgelKonzert no.1 g-moll opus 4” by G. F. Handel (accordion and orchestra) 16’

“Concerto for 2 harpsichords in C major BWV 1061” by J. S. Bach (2 accordions and orchestra) 20’

“Barabbas Variations” by A. Sallinen 20’

“Aconcagua” by A. Piazzolla (28’)

“Harpsichord concerto in A major BWV 1055” by J. S. Bach (14’)

“Harpsichord concerto in d minor BWV 1052” by J. S. Bach (14’)

“Harpsichord concerto in f minor BWV” by J. S. Bach (14’)

“Elegia” for accordion and string orchestra by G. Vanoni (9’) world premiere

“Concertino” for violin solo, accordion solo and orchestra by F. Cerha (24’)

"La costellazione del soffione II" for accordion and string orchestra by  C. Rojac (10') world premiere

© 2020 by Ghenadie Rotari

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