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17 income streams for (classical) musicians

A poll on the social media revealed that one of the reasons why musicians are considering a career change is money.

During our study years in Conservatories and Universities, we have been trained to think that the only way a musician can make a living is by either becoming a successful concert performer or by teaching.

That's not true. Being a musician is an extremely versatile career path. Hence, there are a number of ways one can make money as a musician. Here is my list of income streams for musicians (the first two streams are the ones we all know):

1. Concert performances.

2. Teaching.

3. Royalties.

4. Subscriptions.

5. Sponsorships.

6. Brand collaborations.

7. Podcast.

8. Selling music and arrangements.

9. Minting and selling NFTs.

10. Recording music.

11. Musical instruments (re-)seller.

12. Selling e-books.

13. Tutorials and video courses.

14. Selling merchandise.

15. Sync licensing your music

16. Commissions.

17. Ad revenue.

For more information regarding the above list and a detailed description of each, you can purchase the list from the shop on my website for 3.99 here.

Comment below what other income streams you know and which should be added to the list above!

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