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Networking for Classical Musicians - Find your Rhythm

Feeling a bit lost in when it comes to networking? What is networking and how do you do that? Sometimes making connections feels like playing a tune in the dark. It doesn't have to be so scary and stressful. In this post we'll explore some tips to get your networking rhythm on track.

Whether introverts or extroverts, we can all find a way that suits us best. For introverts, networking might seem like a daunting sonata, but remember, it’s about quality connections. Start small, engage after rehearsals, meet up with friends and colleagues or dive into online platforms to share your music. And for extroverts, the stage is your playground! Mingle, perform, and embrace every chance to connect with your fellow musicians.

Score Your Networking Skills

Let’s tune up those networking skills with some strategies that play well for both introverts and extroverts:

  1. Solo to Symphony: Show what makes you unique. Whether it’s your mastery of Baroque or your contemporary flair, let your musical individuality shine.

  2. Strike Up Conversations: Follow up! Send an email, connect on socials, or grab a drink/coffee together. Sustain those musical conversations and build lasting connections.

  3. Craft Your Musical Pitch: Find your own pace. Do what feels comfortable to you.

  4. Give and Receive: Networking is like a duet. Share your expertise and support others. Collaboration creates beautiful harmonies.

  5. Collaborate, Don’t Solo: Join forces! Collaborate on projects, from duos to qurtets to cross-genre fusions. Collaborations create connections that resonate.

Networking isn’t about collecting business cards like trophies. It’s about composing lasting relationships, finding mentors, and discovering new musical horizons.

So, fellow musicians, let’s conduct our networking symphony. Whether introverted or extroverted, let’s strike up the chords of camaraderie and compose a network that elevates us all in this enchanting world of classical music!

Which one are you?

  • Introvert

  • Extrovert

  • Depends on the environment


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